• What we do

    The purpose of the Jump In Foundation is to connect individuals with the community through engaging activities designed to meet the specific physical, mental and social needs of each client. JIF is committed to jumping over barriers, to build a community bridge to life fulfillment. The goal is to promote participation, structured living, and mental wellness through physical activity in social settings for children and adults in three different areas.

    Physical Activation Program

    Jump In’s Activation Program seeks to alleviate the impeding participation barriers to physical activity for Ontarians and their families living in poverty and with mental health issues.

    We seek to target clients who suffer from mental health issues and will rely on psychiatrists and similar counselors to refer appropriate candidates to our physical activation program. Working with an activation guide, each Jump In client will be introduced to unique physical activity programs that are specifically tailored to address his or her needs and mental health treatment, as well as the personal interests of each client. Breaking down financial barriers and providing the necessary support to engage in an active, healthy lifestyle will benefit adults and youth who would otherwise, due to poverty and/or mental illness, be unable to reap the emotional, physical and mental rewards of physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits.

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    After School Program

    It is critical to focus on at-risk youth in order to provide a positive structure to keep them engaged and positively motivated.

    Our after school sports program is tailored to youth who are socioeconomically disadvantaged to provide them with a positive, productive environment to keep them preoccupied and motivated with the hopes of keeping them focused, in school, and away from delinquent behaviour. It is essential to build trust with each individual student to allow him or her to feel a sense of goal setting and accomplishment unique to that individual’s circumstances.

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    Youth Support Group - P2P

    The Jump In Foundation has created a Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Program, which is a unique, youth-led opiate support group that operates in Ontario. Programs such as P2P have grown tremendously and garnered local and political attention in the past year and we are committed to expanding this program to reach as many youth as possible.

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