• Testimonials

    My name is Courtney. I write this letter to express my deep gratitude for the Jump In Program that has been presented to me on behalf of Dr. Patterson & Laura.

    Up until five years ago I have suffered from great anxiety and agoraphobia, unable to leave my house because of unexplained fear of being outside. Along with agoraphobia, I have deep depression that I did not understand. With the help of Dr. Patterson regulating my medication, she introduced me to the Jump In Physical Activation Program. Having been a competitive swimmer, Dr. Patterson introduced me to Laura who was the activation therapist of the Jump In program at the time. I immediately formed a bond with Laura, in hope that she would become a role model to me. Being an active person herself, I viewed her as the coach I had lost a long time ago.

    In addition to the motivation and support I am receiving from the Jump In Foundation, I have become a lot more physically active which has benefitted me not just in body but in soul. I now do the Wentworth stairs and walk on a regular basis. The Jump In program obtained a membership for me with the Hamilton Recreation Centers which offer me aquafit, length swimming, and a social atmosphere. The Jump In program purchased a subsidy YWCA membership where I will be doing circuit training, yoga, Pilates, meditation, and whatever else I can try, which offers me tools to calm my nerves and get out into the world comfortably. The YWCA also has a fitness room that I have already taken advantage of by cycling before a circuit class.

    I truly believe Jump In’s Physical Activation Program can benefit many of those who have suffered from deep depression and agoraphobia who are out there seeking a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, so that they can become useful, contributing members of society. Please do not misunderstand me. I still have many hurdles to overcome. I do lack 110% commitment to anything because of fear, but the Jump In program has given me more hope than I could ever imagine.

    I truly hope that the Jump In program continues on so that one day I could help others in the same way Laura has mentored me.

    Please understand I trust in the Jump In program and hope alongside Laura and Dr. Patterson that one day I shall become a mentor to those who need a program that has benefited me so much.

    I thank all of those involved in creating a program that has helped me so much.

    Yours Truly,


    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Katrina Collins – Samuels, I am a second year psychology major at York University. Two years ago I suffered from an ACL tear in my last year of high school. After being out of play for almost two years, I tried out for the York University Women’s Basketball team. After a week of intense training I finally made the team. The women’s basketball program is not a financially stable program, so we had to raise money to assure we could pay for uniforms and travelling expenses. Money was always an issue in my household, budgeting left almost nothing for my personal expenses. My mom, a single mother, often fluctuated from working 1-2 jobs throughout elementary school and high school. When I found out Jump In could sponsor me I was in disbelief. I could not be any more grateful to have the support from such organizations that assist people financially in need. The generous donation from you makes it possible for us student-athletes to have the best experience possible.

    On behalf of York University Women’s basketball team I would like to thank you for your generous donation.


    Katrina Collins-Samuels

    Dear Jump In,

    I just want to say how thankful my family is that we have met your foundation staff. Through the activation program our entire family was able to increase our activity level and as well improve our overall health, none of which would have been possible without the program as they paid the cost for all of the classes and sporting equipment.

    It started first with myself and my daughter joining a Zumba class. Not knowing a thing about Zumba my daughter and I were not sure what to expect when we went. It was a wonderful experience and really got us motivated and made it a great night out for Mom and daughter.

    Next for myself and my daughter were tennis lessons. These kept us going on our healthy living path and made us pretty good at the sport I have to say. I was able to take a Cardio, Balance and Strength class as well that got me out of the house in the evenings and kept me active and enjoying being out. With all this activity it also helped me to lose a bit of weight.

    My husband and son were the next to benefit from the program. My husband got a bike and was able to ride over to his friend’s house to socialize as he would not have been able to before since does not drive and relies on me to get him around as I am the only driver in the house. This not only helped him to get healthier but it also provided much needed socialization with his friends as he no longer felt shut-in and alone.

    My son, an avid pond skater, was able to get a new pair of skates to enjoy the sport that he enjoys every year at the rinks they make by our house. He was also able to use the skates to go out with his friends to nearby rinks. My son also suffers from anxiety so for him to get out more made the world of difference.

    The whole family was able to benefit from a swimming pass that we received. We still can go a few more times and it was not only great physical activity, but it gave us a chance to all be together.

    I must say that we have all benefited through improved both physical and mental health. The foundation staff is always there to assist us in any way and we could not be more thankful for them. I would recommend this program to anyone that needs to improve their mental health as well as physical health. It results in a total mind and body improvement!

    – Jump In Physical Activation Program Client

    Dear Jump In,

    On behalf of our family, especially Brayden, we would like to say thank you. What the Jump In Foundation has done for our little man is amazing there are not any words that I could say to sum up how grateful we are. This means so much you have made one little mans dreams continue to come true.

    Thanks again,

    – Jump In Client