• Physical Activation Program

    Physical Activation Program

    Jump In’s Activation Program will work with psychiatrists, counselors, and low-income schools to select children and families in need of Jump In services. We seek to target individuals who suffer from mental health issues and will rely on psychiatrists and similar counsellors to refer appropriate candidates to our program. The benefits of constructive, structured, meaningful participation in physical activity include: improved physical health; lowered risk of obesity; improved mental and emotional wellbeing, including rehabilitation of various mental health issues; increased confidence and self-esteem; improved academic performance; development of a healthy lifestyle; improved social behaviours and networking; decreased opportunity for delinquency, juvenile crime, and violent behaviour; increased participation in community activities; and the development of transferable life and job skills, like communication, time management, independence, initiative, and conflict resolution.

    Working with an activation guide, each Jump In client will be introduced to unique physical activity programs that are specifically tailored to address his or her needs and mental health treatment, as well as the personal interests of each client. This will include memberships with the YMCA, YWCA, and City of Hamilton Recreation Department as needed by each client. Our Jump In activation guide will help clients pick the activities and programs best suited to their needs. Individual Activation programs will be designed to improve the specific mental health needs of each client, while overcoming financial barriers that prohibit healthy community living and meaningful participation in recreational programs. Our Activation Program will improve each client’s health while teaching him or her the skills and confidence necessary to gain independence, enjoy meaningful participation, develop a healthy lifestyle routine, and positively integrate into society.

    It is our goal to work with youth to help pave the path for a brighter future and give them the foundation, tools, and skills necessary to succeed. We understand that supporting youth will include supporting the family, by including families in the activation process and providing access to meaningful participation and wellness education for all. We are committed to providing barrier-free access for youth in critical enrichment programs.