• Our Staff

    We are a dynamic group of motivated volunteers, coaches, players, doctors, activation therapists and resilient souls, dedicated to building a bridge that surpasses participation barriers to improve the physical and emotional health of our clients.

    Board Member
    Dr. Janet Alice Patterson

    Medical Lead, Psychiatric Emergency Services, Acute Inpatient Psychiatrist, Ward 10 Tower, and Consult Liaison, In-patient Team – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
    Assistant Clinical Professor – McMaster University

    Recent Awards:

    1. Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching for the Department of Psychiatry – 2010
    2. AFP Innovation Award for Investigation into “Building Effective Health Care Teams
      Resident Advocacy Award for the Department of Psychiatry – 2013
    3. “Dr. Peder Larsen Consultant of the Year Award” – 2014
    4. AFP Award for Investigation into “Patient Experience in Psychiatric Emergency Services” – 2015
    5. AFP Innovation Fund Competition for Education, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, ON, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience – 2016

    Board Member
    Taylor Ormond

    Taylor received a full athletic scholarship, in addition to an academic scholarship, to play on the Women’s Tennis Team at Baylor University in Texas. Here, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English, French (minor) in 2011 and a Juris Doctor from Baylor Law School in 2014. She practices in the area of criminal law and was called to the bar in June 2017.

    Taylor is from Hamilton and has experience working with the inner city and is passionate about helping those in need. She has spent time writing grants, hosting fundraisers, volunteering, and planning events for charities in Hamilton that cater to at-risk youth and low-income families and individuals, particularly those with mental health issues.

    Board Member
    Dave Picton

    Program Coordinator – Peer Support & Resiliency

    Rebecca started working in peer support as an advocate for mental health in early 2015 and is the founder of a non-profit support program that aids individuals suffering from mental illness. She was inspired by her own recovery to create a program that was not only accessible, but a readily available and enjoyable resource. In her experience, mental health support was lacking imagination and inspiration and did not offer patients the proper tools or environment to promote healthy living. She was able to create a sustainable environment for recovery in peer-run support groups. Rebecca currently oversees JIF's P2P program, and along with support groups offers a variety of services such as yoga, meditation, and energy therapy. Rebecca enjoys spending quality time with all her students and ensures that every individual receives the highest quality of care possible. On her spare time, she run workshops and classes that inspire healing and personal growth.

    Program Coordinator – Activation
    Olivia McGeever

    Olivia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology from the University of Central Florida. Following University, Olivia lived in Spain for a year then moved to Thailand to serve in the Peace Corps for two years. In 2018, she moved to Hamilton to complete a Masters of Science in Global Health. She trained teachers in Thailand, providing alternatives to corporal punishment in Thai schools within her community. She has 12 years of youth experience, ranging from outdoor education and kids yoga to youth mentorship and youth program development. Exercising and playing sports have remained an important aspect of her life, and a way to connect with the communities she has lived in regardless of language and cultural barriers. Olivia is inspired to engage individuals within Hamilton with physical activation services that will assist them in living a healthy and full life.